Three Reasons Not To Buy The Garrett Ace Apex


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Three reasons not to buy a Garrett Ace Apex? Quite a statement but if you are serious about your metal detecting, read on and you will see why it is also a valid one.

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The Garrett Ace Apex looks like a great machine. It combines a choice of single selectable frequencies with two simultaneous multi-frequency modes. It is weatherproof, has wireless audio, large backlit display and is very easy to use. But, is this simply more of the same from Garrett? In detecting terms is the Apex better than what has gone before? Read more about the Ace Apex here.

In this video, Calabash Digger puts the Garrett Ace Apex up against the Minelab Equinox that is fitted with a 6″ coil. It is very clear that the Ace Apex is either missing targets completely or misidentifying them as iron. 

Personally, I would love to have seen Garrett produce a machine that in sheer detecting power was the equal of the Minelab Equinox and Vanquish. So far I have seen nothing to convince me that they have achieved this with the Ace Apex. Perhaps when they bring the technology to the machines further up the price point we may see some big improvements in detection depth and target response. We can only wait and see.

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