Garrett Ace Apex On The Beach?

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Garrett launched the Ace Apex to much fanfare back on May 15th and as we reported here, this machine is lining up to be very special indeed.

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One of the main selling points, if not “the” main selling point is the addition of two dedicated multi-frequency modes. One for inland use and the other for wet sand. Garrett was not giving much away about how these modes worked other than they use multiple frequencies at the same time. The fact that Minelab’s patents for their pre-Multi-IQ simultaneous multi-frequency tech had lapsed was not lost on many.

So it is pretty safe to assume that Garrett is using a modified form of Minelab’s FBS detection tech in the Ace Apex. This is certainly no bad thing. FBS coupled with today’s fast processors could be a real contender for Multi-IQ. 

The tech is great but how does it perform on the beach?

The test machines are out there. Garrett YouTubers are working overtime to bring us content but, where are the beach videos? Show us how well the “Multi-Flex” tech works on the wet sand? Is it as good as a Minelab?

Unfortunately, it would appear we were a little too quick off the mark in rolling out the party streamers and ticker-tape parade. It has now become apparent that the Ace Apex is not a finished product. That wonderful “Multi-Flex” tech is not in the test machines. Or it wasn’t at the time of writing this article and without it, a trip to the wet stuff would probably work out as well as previous Garrett machines i.e not well at all!

Where is Multi-Flex?

Who knows? My guess is that Garrett discovered what Minelab found out 20 years ago..and solved. And this is that implementing a system whereby you can send multiple frequencies into the ground at the same time and then process the returning signals into something usable is not as straightforward as they thought it would be.

But that’s ok. Garrett is not the new kid on the block. They have superb engineers and technicians and they will work it out. However, if they want to get the machines in stores for the mid-July deadline they are certainly cutting it a little fine!

Can It Fulfil The Promise?

The Ace Apex is packed with features and even if Garrett had not included “Multi-Flex” it still would have looked like good value for money. Selectable Frequencies of 5, 10, 15 and 20 kHz. Wireless Audio, Showerproof Control Box, Internal Lipo rechargeable battery and Iron Volume Control. All for just $499? Add in two multi-frequency modes and you have a real bargain on your hands.

If the spec matches up with the performance the Garrett Ace Apex is going to be a winner, not just on price but on results. And although we have not seen how well it performs on the wet sand I have a feeling it will be just fine. 

The Garrett Ace Apex is due in stores mid-July 2020.

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