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How Important Is A Waterproof Metal Detector To You?

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The buzz word in the detector world these days seems to be “waterproof”. Not water-resistant or showerproof but fully submersible waterproof. And one or two manufacturers have been making great use of this “waterproof” feature in their advertising and promotion. Often pointing out the lack of waterproofing in their competitor’s products. But Just how important is a fully waterproof detector? Is it really the must-have feature we keep being told it is?

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If like me, you have been detecting for a good few years you will remember those machines from the past, all of which worked really well and were decidedly NOT waterproof. A control box cover was as good as it got…or a plastic bag and elastic band. That would keep off a light shower but not much else. I have no intention of detecting in the rain anyway so perhaps it is all a moot point.

So, ok you actually don’t need a fully waterproof detector in an average use situation. Why then all the hype surrounding its inclusion on certain machines?

I keep hearing that, being fully submersible means you can detect underwater. Well, that would indeed be a great feature. Only all the people I know who have purchased one of these new fully waterproof machines have absolutely no intention of going anywhere near water let alone under it!

That being the case a non-waterproof machine with a control box cover is just as useful as a machine that is fully waterproof. In other words, perhaps it is a bit of a marketing red herring. They get you to think you need something that really you don’t.

Which brings me nicely to the Minelab Vanquish. Those who intend to buy one of these new machines are doing so because of the rather wonderful ‘Multi-IQ’ detection technology inside it. I have a fair bit of experience with ‘Multi-IQ’ and I can tell you it is no marketing gimmick. It works superbly and does exactly what Minelab claim it does.

The Minelab Vanquish is not waterproof, not even showerproof unless you put the supplied control box cover on it. And you know what, that is just fine.

However certain other manufacturers know they are up against it with the Vanquish. It’s ‘Multi-IQ’ simultaneous multi-frequency detection tech dwarfs everything else out there and especially landing at this price point. The Vanquish starts at just £229 here in the UK.

So what do you do if you have recently released a machine that has been selling really well but you know is going to stall once the Vanquish hits the shelves? You bring up the waterproof card. Yes folks, completely forget about the “detecting bit” let’s just concentrate on the superfluous things that we have convinced people are deal-breakers.

It is very simple. IF you really do intend to detect underwater then, of course, it makes perfect sense to purchase a fully waterproof machine. And the fact that you can do that for under £300 these days is a wonderful thing.

If on the other hand, you are not going to be entering our rather chilly waters then why sacrifice superb detecting ability for a feature that has nothing at all to do with how you will be using your machine?

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Would love to know what you think. Why not head over to the Minelab Vanquish UK Users Group and share your thoughts.

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