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Quest X5 & X10 – Are Third Party Coils Really Compatible?

Some time ago just after the launch of the Quest X5 and X10 I wrote to Quest and asked them about coil compatibility. Could for example a coil from the Q20 or Q40 be used with these new machines. They replied saying that yes, coils are compatible across the range. So any coil made for the Q series would also work on the X series and that included third party coils.

So far so good. This made the X5 and X10 really versatile machines at an incredibly low price point. Only apparently we are now being told this is actually not the case!

An admin on the Official Quest Facebook group recently contacted Mars coils to confirm that their Q series coils would work with the X series. The answer was surprising.

Apparently each coil they make is specific to a single machine. So one of their Q20 coils will only work on the Q20 and you cannot use it on an X5 or X10.

This came as a surprise to me and is incredibly frustrating. I had trusted Quest’s initial response and had been recommending the X5 and X10 on that basis ever since. The fact that is now seems likely that you would need to purchase a specific coil for the X5 and X10 makes them less versatile machines than I had first thought.

But who are we to believe?

Do we take Quest’s word that all coils are compatible? If so then we would have to assume that Mars are not being honest and instead are simply claiming you need to buy a specific coil in order to boost profits.

Given the very inconsistent information that has been coming from Quest about it’s products over the past 4 years I have to say I would give Mars coils the benefit of the doubt. They have a good reputation and I don’t think they would put that on the line just to make a few bucks more out of Quest coil sales.

So there you have it folks. If you are looking for a third party coil for your Quest X5 or 10 do make sure you buy one specific to the machine you have.

For more info and discussion visit the two Quest Facebook Groups: Quest Official Facebook Group and Quest Metal Detector UK Group.

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