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Nokta Simplex Plus Update: Dilek from Nokta-Makro appeared on the Relics Radio podcast where she shared details of the company history and the release schedule for the Simplex Plus. You can listen to the full interview here

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I think we can all agree it was an interesting interview. Dilek gave us some insight into Nokta Makro, how the company came into being and where it is headed in the future.

There were some main points that we can take from all this. First the shipping date is still not confirmed. The closest we have is late August or possibly the first or second week of September. Dilek did add some caveats. Shipping is not the same as delivery. Nokta may ship on a certain date but the rest is down to the transport companies and country customs clearance. We also need to take into account how different dealers are set up for supply to their customers.

Another important point is that pre-orders for the Simplex Plus have been huge. This is of course great news for the company but it does mean that Nokta may not be able to ship all the detectors orders at the same time. This could result in customers who have pre-ordered receiving their machines at different times.

The silver lining to any delay is that Nokta have been able to tweak the software. In response to customer feedback they have now added ground balance to the Simplex Plus. This was not originally part of the spec.

Simplex Plus is also a lot less noisy than previous models. The Kruzer for example was noted for its “chattery” nature out in the field.  For some this was not a problem and they learned to live with it. For others it is a distraction they can do without. Simplex will be a very quiet machine.

Dilek also stated that reviews for the Simplex should start appearing in a couple of weeks time. I think we can read that to mean they will appear at the same time as deliveries commence.

So that is all we know at the moment. My guess is we might see the Simplex Plus delivered toward the end of September. Given what is on offer that is not too long to wait.

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