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Beach Detecting – Minelab Go Find 44 Review

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The entry level metal detector market is quite a crowded place these days. Prices have gone down, features increased. Inevitably this leads to some blurring of lines between the beginners machine and the mid-range detector. Some might even say the mid-range is the new entry level.

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So it was into this competitive space Minelab sought to carve out a niche of their own with the Minelab Go Find series. Of course being Minelab they took a different approach to everyone else. Focussing on portability, ease of use and a very much turn on and go user interface.

The Minelab Go Find series consists of four detectors. Starting at just £99.00 the Go Find 11 features just two search modes, three sensitivity levels and three volume levels.

Next is the Minelab Go Find 22. At around £118 it doesn’t really bring much extra to the table. Apart from having two more volume levels it is identical to the Go Find 11.

Things improve when you get to the Go Find 44. Priced at £159.00 in the UK it comes with some genuinely useful extra features. These include 4 search modes, a larger 10 inch coil (8 inch on the 11 and 22), backlight, 4 sensitivity levels, a pinpoint function, bluetooth, smartphone app.

Leading the pack is the Go Find 66. This is currently priced at £214.00 in the UK and comes with a few more extras which, on closer inspection are probably not worth the extra money. Take everything the Go Find 44 has and add one extra level of sensitivity, Pro version of the smartphone app, a plastic digging tool and some earbuds.

My recommendation would be the Go Find 44. Definitely the sweet spot in the range it combines enough features to make it a good machine on the beach or inland (probably better suited to the beach!) and the best value for money by far.

In the video below Arron Weedall of South Coast Detecting heads to the beach with the Go Find 44. Have Minelab got it right or is this a case of “could do better”?

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More info from https://go-find.minelab.com/en/

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