Beware Of Fake Pinpointer Probes!

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We all know there are many alternatives to the big name pinpointer probes out there and I have spoken previously about one of them, the GP Pointer. But at least we KNOW they are not the originals because the name is different and so is the price. These manufacturers are not trying to dupe you into buying what you think is an original at a knock down price. Obviously people will have feelings about these “alternative” probes too and that is fine but they are not fake in the sense of pretending to be something they are not.

Kellyco Metal Detectors

There are however quite a few unscruplious companies knocking out clone pinpointer probes that are 100% intended to dupe you into thinking you are buying the genuine item.

Garrett seem to be the main company on the receiving end of all this activity. They arguably make the industry standard when it comes to pinpointer probes and so naturally attract a lot of unwanted attention from the fakers.

In the video below Nigel Regton of demonstrates the differences between a genuine Garrett Pinpointer Probe and a fake. I would urge everyone to share this video across your social media accounts and make as many people as possible aware of these fakes.

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